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In today’s world, there is an overwhelming amount of weight loss methods, ranging from balanced nutrition recipes to therapeutic and preventive regiments, that people often prefer trusting the word of mouth rather than consulting a specialist. But the truth is, we are all different and our diets should be too! Today it is simpler than ever to consult a nutrition specialist and to get a personalized professional advice, and that is exactly what we do!

What does a nutrition specialist do?

The main task of a nutrition specialist is not to help you get rid of excess pounds, but rather help you regulate processes related to your digestive system to enable optimal functioning of the whole body.

A healthy person may also have reasons to consult a nutrition specialist, for example when pregnant or breastfeeding. Good nutrition is even more important for the elderly and infants. The role of a good nutrition specialist is to offer personalized nutritional plan that helps to promote health and avoid disease.

The doctor’s responsibilities include

Professional consultation

Development of an individual food regimen

Prescription of a diet therapy

Body catastasis after the previous shock, surgery, serious illnesses

Weight management (if required)

Study of digestive reactions of the body

When is it necessary to consult a nutrition

Consultation with a nutrition specialist will help answer any questions associated with the nutrition
management, when treating:

1-4 degree obesity

Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance,
and other Metabolic Processes

Food allergy

Diabetes mellitus


Thyroid dysfunction, hormone
imbalance, and cardiovascular

Individual weight loss program

Only scientifically proven approaches

Flexible and suitable for everyone

It is FREE

Lose excess weight (for this purpose it would be enough to follow the main principles of the program)

Select an appropriate diet (you will learn how to enjoy delicious healthy food and not gain weight by doing so)

Exercise properly (you will learn most effective exercises for weight loss)

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Virginia Willis

Work experience: 9 years

Nutrition Specialist, Physiotherapist, Weight Normalization.

Cara Cook

Work experience: 20 years

Dietology, Sports Nutrition, Weight Normalization, anti aging Nutrition.

Jack Wilson

Work experience: more than 8 years.

Dietology, Anti aging Nutrition.

Victor Davis

Work experience: 4 years

Weight Correction, Anti aging Nutrition, Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Trainings and Master Classes on Nutrition.